Coca Cola Advert Analysis

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Coca-Cola unveiled this add during the 2014 super ball games in America with the hash tag #AmericaIsBeautiful, in which the traditional American song ‘America the Beautiful’ is sung in nine different languages: English, Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin, Hindi, Hebrew, Keres, French and Arabic. Coca cola was originated in the United States in 1886, originally intended as medicine in the 19th centaury. It is now sold in over 200 countries world wide as a refreshing beverage. The #Amaricaisbeautiful in house campaign enforces that, America is beautiful in all its diversity and that coca cola is for everyone, it is something that we can all enjoy along with the message that we are all one and one for all. The advert celebrates moments of everyone from every diverse culture sharing their moments with coca cola and everyone else. The advert uses very persuasive…show more content…
Although studies have proven that these thinking styles are unconscious and are prominent in certain areas of the world it is also known that we can switch from one to the other only with conscious effort, which occurs if someone or yourself tell you to focus on either the face or the background. This information is very well known by advertising industries and are definitely considered when designing an ad campaign for different areas in the world, because they are aware it will help them in becoming
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