Coca Cola And China Case Study Summary

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CASE STUDY COCA–COLA AND CHINA MARKET PHAM THI MY HANH ROLL NUMBER: MJAN17GL27 I. INTRODUCTION : Coca – Cola is one of the largest non-alcoholic beverages company founded in Atlanta in 1886 with the start of 500 sparkling and 3,800 beverage products. Since 1920’s, Coca – Cola quickly went to the world and propositioned its global brand successfully as today, with the huge amount of outputs up to 1.6 billion products daily all over 200 nations . For over 130 years of conquering all around the world, it has been well-known as the number one soft drink so far. The good operation system is one of the most important factors leading to the success as today and helps Coca-Cola own a huge amount of market share value. The company focuses on satisfying customers’ interests by bringing the value to customers. China which is one of the most potential emerging markets in Asia has been conquered by Coca-Cola with 15 brands, 150 million servings, and customers’ choices could be up to 50 types. $4 billion has been invested in China for contributing to the future growth since 2015, summing up the total of investment in China market up to $9 billions. Moreover, 99% of labors in the total of 45,000 employees come from the local market . This case study aims three main following statements. First, Coca – Cola is one of the largest multinational companies as mentioned above. In addition, the company went through a long history of investment in China since 1979. Finally, through analyzing

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