Coca Cola And Pepsi Case Study

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Coca-Cola and PepsiCo profile.
Coca-Cola Company was created in 1886 by John Pemberton. He later sold the company in 1888 to American business man who promoted the company by distributing merchandisers with Coca-Cola logo on them. By 1895, the company was able to bottle its products allowing customers to enjoy the drink everywhere. By 1917, Coca-Cola expanded to France, Puerto Rico, Cuba and other countries around the Caribbean. From this time on, the company ventured into major promotional campaigns that resulted in the widening of the market for the drinks. The company also associated itself with sports such as bullfighting in Spain and the Dutch Olympics where a considerable amount of promotion was realized.
The Second World War enabled the company to conquer the European markets which resulted in many Europeans having a nice experience of the drink. This was achieved through technical officers sent by the company alongside soldiers (Hall, 2011). The achievement of the technical team was amazing and outstanding. They were able to reach out to the largest market for Coca-Cola at the time. Due to inadequate ingredients of the original products, the company developed a new product commonly known as Fanta. The company set out for promotion of the new product as a carefree and fun lifestyle in the 60s. Other drinks such as Fresca and Sprite were later manufactured by the company. This expansion was orchestrated by the massive market that was available for the company to

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