Coca Cola Brand Building Resonance Analysis

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2.0 Brand Building Assessment 2.1 Steps of Brand Building Resonance Brand Resonance Model of Coca-Cola 2.1.1 Brand Salience Brand salience is placed at the bottom of the brand resonance model. It measures the brand awareness and consumers’ ability to recall and recognize the brand under certain situations (Keller, 2013). When we talk about soft drink, Coca-Cola will automatically come to our minds. This proves that Coca-Cola is the most recognized brand and the top brand among all the beverage brand names. We also should consider when, where, and how we will think of Coca-Cola. Since Coca-Cola products are available at everywhere, consumers will think of it when they are thirsty. Perhaps under hot weather, consumers will think of Coca-Cola…show more content…
Consumers’ psychology and social needs can be satisfied with the intangible aspect of the brand products (Keller, 2013). Coca-Cola can be available to be purchased at a lot of places, such as grocery stores, hypermarkets, vending machine, fast food restaurants, cinemas, stalls, and so on. Therefore, the frequency of using the products is high. Coca-Cola is always consumed at some celebrating party like birthday party as it is able to satisfy consumers’ psychology needs by sharing happiness and fun. Besides that, Coca-Cola is also always ordered at family and friend gathering as it is playing role in leaving some sweet and warm memories. In the future, the family members and friends will recall the memories when they look at the Coca-Cola products and its brand symbols like logo. Particularly, the icon or image of Coca-Cola with glass bottle symbolizes many people’s childhood life. With the gradual changes of the Coca-Cola packaging designs in these years, people will feel that they are grew up in these years when looking at the brand products and…show more content…
Consumers normally judge about the credibility, quality, superiority, and consideration (Keller, 2013). Coca-Cola is innovative as it introduced a portfolio branding strategy to show difference and demonstrate healthy awareness. Those products are Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Life, Coca-Cola Zero, and Diet Coke which no calories and sugar. This strategy was work because it knew some consumers worry about their healthy or want to keep fit. It understands deeply consumers’ needs and tries to fully satisfy consumers’ requirements for its products. For example, Coca-Cola has good quality in refreshing drinks. In addition, Coca-Cola is superiority as it offers advantages in some aspects that other brands cannot. It plays role in emotional relationship with consumers and offered classic icon, symbol, and image (Sagar, 2012). Its classic logo was designed by writing the word of Coca-Cola in Spencerian script with red and white colour (Feloni, 2015). Particularly, the icon of Coca-Cola with glass bottle is still used and it is able to inspire the childhood memories of people even though the packaging design of the brand was replaced by plastic bottle and can (Feloni, 2015). It invests much in corporate brand of Coca-Cola although it had also introduced various beverage categories such as water, juice, tea or coffee. This is because it want to keep classic image for own brand. Moreover, it also

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