Coca-Cola Brand Development Strategy

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Coca-cola ( a product ) .
Branding :
The brand is the distinguishing name or symbol that is used to differentiate one manufacturer 's products from another . Branding, it can create a powerful image or perception in the minds of consumers and gives the business 's products it 's unique identity .
Branding is one of the most important characteristic of any business, large or small , it 's important to spend the time investigating in researching, defining and building your own brand which makes you unique from others .
An effective brand strategy gives you a significant edge in increasingly competitive marketing .
Coca-cola brand development strategy has been far reaching and has managed to stay in the spotlight ever since it
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( NO CALORIE BEVERAGE ). Coca cola to reach out to it 's customers and introduce more about their brand made sure that the company invested in various advertisements, campaigns, also engaging their brand with celebrities all around the globe .

"Open happiness" campaign .
"open a Coke and share a little happiness "
Open happiness launched in 2009 in the United States, then in the same year the campaign extended globally including Oman and the Middle East .
In a short time the campaign was everywhere starting from TV adverts, billboards to print media to digital. Coca cola made open happiness to reality by different ways like employing a variety of options like happiness truck roaming around the city, celebrity adverts everywhere .
In Middle East including Oman, they used NANCY AJRAM a famous singer in the Arab world. Imageto attract the young and adult generation .

Share a coke campaign .

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