Coca Cola Brotherly Love

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Advertising is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate to the customers. Advertisement helps inform the consumers of the brand new products on the markets and reminds buyers of the existing and updated products. Therefore, the presence of advertising in today’s world has made a huge transition over the years. Today’s marketplace is really crowded and the competition for similar commodities in this crowded marketplace has been a tough one. It is vital for the companies to make eye-catching adverts to be able to compete with others, expand the market, increase the sales and enhance the goodwill. Only the effective advertising helps the image of the company stick in the mind of the consumer. Bigger corporates like coca cola…show more content…
The Coca-Cola commercial ‘Brotherly Love’ has does a wonderful job to induce consumers by using the emotional story that is relatable to many audiences’ lives. The use of ‘Coca-Cola’ brand name minimizes the need for huge marketing initiatives for its new product- Coca –Cola Zero, as the consumers already have the understanding of reliability and quality of the older product. The design used in the Packaging and presenting communicates its brand, its contain and the benefits very well. The colors used in the commercial conveys lot about its giant competitor Pepsi, revealing its loyalty and superiority over Pepsi. Through this Ad, Coca-Cola provides enough reasons to buy their products rathe r than going to their rivals. The use of most popular music establishes an emotional connection with the consumers and draws the attention of the musician
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