Coca Cola Brotherly Love Rhetorical Analysis

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The Coca Cola product comes in either a glass bottle, a can, or a plastic bottle. This ad entitled "Brotherly Love," begins with a peak into the siblings' everyday lives. The older brother, who is always teasing and winding the younger brother up, becomes a hero after he rescues the younger one from a group of bullies who had been giving him a hard time and stealing his bottle of Coke. The older brother finally shows some compassion by saving his bottle of perfectly chilled Coca-Cola after scaring the bullies away. The younger brother is pleasantly surprised to learn that his sibling really does care for him after all. Evidently, the story is about being a supportive family member, despite of all rhetorical when siblings stand up for domestic problems; when siblings stand up for each other against threats. Clearly, this ad is generally targeting the people who have empathy for emotional feelings with their siblings, especially young people. This short and…show more content…
Almost every person who has grown up with siblings has experienced the pain that can be influenced by a brother or sister, but likewise has also experienced an empathetic side of their bond; the reflection of this relationship in the Coca-Cola advertisement is spot on. It achieves the strong impact the commercial was set out to create. The pathos of this commercial advertisement taps onto the audience's emotions, triggering a sense of empathy. "Brotherly Love" is an effective ad not only because of its charming nature, but because it creates attention towards the product being advertised. The production is also based on a studied, planned strategy, while exercising a well described setting. The story makes a good connection with the audience towards a sweet sense of humor. Coca-Cola had made this commercial in order to entertain, as well as

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