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I take major in Business and Economic at the American University of Phnom Penh. My future goal is want to be an entrepreneur in Cambodia. I plan to run a business after I graduate from school next year. I decide to go to CocaCola Company for internship, so I apply to intern in sale and marketing department in the Cocacola-FEMSA Company in Philippines. I choose CocaCola Company because I see Cocacola everywhere since I was born. All people recognize that company and they drink its soft drink products, including the company can survive for many decades until nowadays. Because of these reasons, I really want to know and learn everything about the company. After the company officially accepts me to intern, they ask me to go to two different…show more content…
Different salesperson has different outlet to visit. They always go to each outlet once a week. They update owners of outlet new information from the company and they explain things face to face. Besides that, they also look for new customers by going to their stores and ask them for short presentation of the Coke’s soft drinks. The company spends a lot of money on printing banners and hangs them in front of each outlet. They also advertise on television, YouTube and other social medias. When you travel around Manila, you will see that there are a lot of billboards having CocaCola pictures. It means the company keeps promoting its products in many ways though all people around the world recognize and drink CocaCola. What I learn from the company is above my expectation. I really like to intern at there because they train me very well. All of my supervisors explain me clearly about their responsibilities in the company. They are not hesitated in answering me when I ask them questions. They tell me how to talk and negotiate with different customers of the company. I think I really learn a lot from them since I intern in both operation and sale-marketing

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