Coca-Cola Mission Statement

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The Coca Cola Company is the American multinational Company and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrate and syrup. It is no. 1 brand according to the fortune 2009 survey. The Company operates the franchised distribution system date from 1889. The Coca Cola Company is the headquartered at Atlanta, Georgia. The major markets of Coca Cola Company consist of the U.S.A, Britain, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia and North America. It has many activities in 200 Companies about 3000 branches, 55000 employees’ crossways the world. Over 200 expatriates are assigned for the international positions every year, as region managers.

Despite Coca Cola is not the new name for local market,
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Our motive is to make Coca Cola reasonable and acceptable to the people quenching their thirst and providing them with a perfect moment of relaxation. By doing this we make it possible for the 5.6 billion people to get away Coca Cola.

This Coca Cola Company’s goal is to provide magic every moment someone drinks one of the more than 500 brands. The Coca Cola Company has fans from Boston to Budapest to Bahrain, drinking brands such as Ambasa, Vegitabeta and Frescolita. From the very start when only 9 drinks were served in a day, Coca Cola has grown to the world’s most famous brand with more than 1.7 billion beverage serving sold per day. This Coca Cola Company wants the choice to be exciting and satisfying, every single time when people raise to choose this company.
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Recruiting, developing and gratifying talent is central to the value “Caring For Our People”. The future of Coca Cola Company as the successful and dynamic company is the dependent upon as equipping our employees to reach their full potential.

Everything starts with our values only. They are the DNA of the company what makes men who we are. In 2011 we reinforced the commitment to being a value-led organisation and then undertook a project to clearly define these values and build a high –performance team committed for living them everyday, in everything we do. IMPACT ON COMPANY’S PERFORMANCE:
Coca Cola Company in India relies on the recruitment and selection process for its smooth functioning. The candidates chosen in this process is to be the future employees are analysed and selected and employed by this recruitment and selection department. It is essential for the profit making in any of the organisation. Recruitment plays the very important role in HR department, because unless the perfect people are hired, even the best plans, organization chart and control system might not do much good.


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