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PEPSICO INTERNATIONAL A Business Policy Project By Muhammad Farhan Shafi SECTION A Submitted to Professor F.A.Fareedy Contents Plagiarism Check 5 Executive Summary 6 Introduction 8 1.1 An Overview of The Topic 8 1.2 Company Background 9 1.3 Mission, Vision and Objectives 16 1.4 Product range 19 1.5 Organizational Structure 24 Industry Analysis 31 Five Competitive Forces for The Soft Drink Industry 37 Competitor Analysis 40 Coca Cola 41 The Coca Cola Company versus PepsiCo Globally 49 Gourmet Cola 53 Nestle 56 Financial Analysis 60 PEPSICO Financial Statements 60 Cash Flow Statement 61 Income Statement 63 Balance Sheet 65 Ratios 67 Coca Cola Financial Statements 70 Cash Flow Statement 70…show more content…
The trend of large stores such as Metro, Makro, or Cosmo, add to the general trend and provide new channels of marketing and selling. • These are increased awareness of hygiene and a sense for the usage of fancy consumer products – especially true in rural areas. • Pakistani consumers show a much higher level of consumer confidence in the quality of locally made brands (of MNCs) as opposed to other sectors, and that most smuggled or import substitutes are financially not feasible for small or middle sized family purchasers. • Beverages continue to suffer from rampant smuggling and counterfeiting but major players are continually lobbing for lower import duty and sales tax, in order • to remove the incentive to smuggle. • Smuggled / Imported goods in this sector continue to be perceived to have higher quality by most consumers. • Continued competition and the number of players in the industry may be significant over 2015; the price pressure on the Industry may begin to erode margins. • Security concerns will continue to discourage further investment into the sector by • international…show more content…
Number of users If the number of users increase in the market than the demand of the product also increases. 6. Income Income level of the customers had a great impact on the demand of the product. It directly relates to the purchasing power of the customer. If customer has a purchasing power than definitely he can buy the product which he/she demand. 7. Competitors Competitors are the biggest threat to the demand of product. If competitors offer the same products as the company offers than the customers got more alternatives. So increased alternatives, increases the bargaining power of the customers and they can switch of to more suitable product. Coca Cola has a wide range of consumer. Though its market is very large and almost all are f its customers regardless of age and gender but the youngsters are it’s the largest most favorable target audiences. This is the reason they choose youngster in their advertisement as well. Company can also largely focus on youngsters to set the target market. But their current strategy is most suitable because customers regardless of age factor like Coca Cola as a soft

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