Coca-Cola Case Study

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Coca-Cola was invented John Pemberton and Pharmacist back in 1886. Although Pemberton invented Coca-Cola he didn’t have much knowledge when it came to advertising, this is where Frank Robison came in, he registered the formula and designed the logo. After John Pembertons death in August 1988, Asa Griggs Candle rescued the business, in 1981 he became he sole owner of Coca Cola.
Now Coca-Cola is a global business, with nearly 250 bottling partners worldwide. The company manufactures and sells beverage to bottling operations. It is Coca-Colas bottling partners who manufacture, package, merchandise and distribute to final branded beverage to the consumer. Coca-Colas customers will then sell on to the consumer a rate of just under than 2 billion servings a day. (Coca-,Cola Journey)

Like Coca-Cola Pepsi was invented Caleb Bradham, a Pharmacist back in 1893, he would serve his
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Coca-Colas helped create the Morden image of Santa clause, the red Santa suit resembles the red coca cola logo. Back in 2013 Coca-Cola release their ‘Name on a botte’ this is where they selected the UK’s most popular names and printed them on labels. This ended up being one of Coca-Colas most successful marketing campaigns sparking a sharing frenzy across the nation.
Although Coca-Cola spends more of their marketing Pepsi have done so very well remembered TV adverts in their time their most known and talked about would be the Pepsi TV advert. Pepsi have had some very well-known faces such as Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Kendall Jenner, One Direction, Beyoncé, P!NK, David Beckham and many more on their promoting their product on a TV advert.
They have always had a more youthful approach, primarily using humour and music videos to grab the attention of the consumer as most of their ads were targeted at teens and even

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