Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola Company

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Coca-Cola was invented John Pemberton and Pharmacist back in 1886. Although Pemberton invented Coca-Cola he didn’t have much knowledge when it came to advertising, this is where Frank Robison came in, he registered the formula and designed the logo. After John Pembertons death in August 1988, Asa Griggs Candle rescued the business, in 1981 he became he sole owner of Coca Cola. Now Coca-Cola is a global business, with nearly 250 bottling partners worldwide. The company manufactures and sells beverage to bottling operations. It is Coca-Colas bottling partners who manufacture, package, merchandise and distribute to final branded beverage to the consumer. Coca-Colas customers will then sell on to the consumer a rate of just under than 2 billion…show more content…
Much like Coca-Cola Pepsi have their six global divisions who make, market, distribute and sell either this will be either in conjunction or independently with third parties a wide variety of their food and beverages. (Pepsico) Main Analysis The two brands Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been “fighting” with each since both brands first started. One of the main reasons why both Coca-Cola and Pepsi fight is because both are very strong in their distribution and both have excellent marketing and sales policies. For example, Coke’s advertising mainly will focus on being the family nourishing unit. Their advertising often seen as the “family friendly” bran with the use of their cute characters. But Pepsi on the other hand, have always had a more youthful approach. Some examples of the company’s feuds are; The Pepsi Challenge, this test took place all around the world, the staff would ask the public to blind-taste two drinks, one being Pepsi and one being Coca-Cola. As a spiteful response Coca-Cola then later decided to run a very similar promotion much like the the ‘Pepsi Challenge’ with it’s Vault drink and Pepsi Co’s Mountain Dew. (Bold,…show more content…
Coca-Cola has and always will take a serious commitment to market responsibly. So, since 2010 coca cola has followed the principles set out in their global responsible marketing policy. This was set up for Coca-Cola to follow allowing them to know what they can and can’t do. Advertising is a key strategy for Coca-Colas growth, both Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co spends billions on advertising, both techniques such a store activation, loyalty points programmes and points of sale marketing. Coca-Cola spending around about 4 billion US dollars on advertising in 2016 compared to their rivals–PepsiCo, Inc., Coca-Cola’s closest rival, spent 2.5 billion in advertising expenses and marketing activities. Below are some examples of Coca-Cola’s biggest and most well-known advertisements; The Christmas Truck, “Holidays are coming” for many of us For so many of us, the twinkling Coca-Cola trucks are an essential part of Christmas. Coca-Colas helped create the Morden image of Santa clause, the red Santa suit resembles the red coca cola
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