Coca Cola Case Study

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History and development of COCA COLA
In this section, I will be mentioning the issues that Coca cola had according to their CSR in the past and what they did to solve the problems
In 2003, Coca-cola in India had caused many environmental concerns such as water pollution, distribution of toxic waste and water shortage due to the extraction of water from groundwater resources, discharging its waste water into the fields around and presence of pesticide in their products. Moreover, the company had labor issues in Columbia regarding the violation and its secret ingredient once used to be cocaine but because of the accused of that, the company decided to cut out active cocaine. However, since then, Coca-cola has been improving its CSR. The company also made a commitment that by 2020 the carbon footprint in their beverages will be one third less than it was in 2007.
CSR program of Coca Cola
Coca-cola has many CSR programs on each stage of their value chain. For their sustainable manufacturing strategy, the company is developing and adopting high standards consistently across their plants. In term of workplace, the company has been developing and retaining a highly talented and diverse workforce as well as maintain good condition of work. The company also protecting the environment and addressing social needs by supporting programs that focus on improving physical activity, young people’s workplace skills and protect the environment. Coca-cola also supports nutrition education
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