Coca-Cola Company: A Reflection Of Coca Cola In India

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Dissertation Report On
Coca Cola

Submitted in the partial fulfilment of the requirement for qualifying
Master of Management Studies
University of Mumbai

Submitted by
Tejaswini Khanolkar
Roll No: M1617
Specialization: Marketing

Rustomjee Business School
Dahisar (West)

For Academic Year 2014- 2016
Project Guide: Prof. Darshan Pagar

The Director,
Rustomjee Business School,
Rustomjee Acres,
Rustom Irani Marg,
Dahisar (West),
Mumbai – 400 068.

Respected Sir,
I, the undersigned, hereby declare that the project report titled “Coca Cola” is an original work developed and submitted by me under the guidance of Prof. Darshan Pagar.
The findings in this project are not copied from any report and are true to the best of my knowledge.

Date: April 2016
Place: Mumbai
Roll No: M1617

Signature of Student

Table of Contents

Overview Of The Industry 4
Beverage Industry Overview 4
The Soft Drinks Industry In India 5
Marketing Cola In India 7
2001 Marketing Strategy 8
Coca Cola Company Background 9
Coca Cola History 9
The Coca Cola Logo Story 10
2015 - Coca Cola Strategy 11
The Coca Cola Bottle Story 12
Coca Cola - Open Happiness 15
Growth Trends 16
Key Trends: 17
Coca Cola Product Features And Variants 18
Classic Coca Cola

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