Coca Cola Company Background Analysis

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Company and Product Background
Coca Cola Company’s history started at 1986 with the curiosity of a Dr. John S. Pemberton, who is pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. John Pemberton made up the Coca Cola formula in a three legged brass kettle in his back garden. Dr. Pemberton’s bookkeeper Frank Robinson suggested the name. Frank Robinson also was perfect calligrapher. The flowing letters of ‘’Coca Cola’’, which has been the famous logo of today, was first scripted by Frank Robinson. Coke was first sold to the public on May 8, 1886 in Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta. According to the first year sales added up about $50 on the total amount. However, John Pemberton’s cost was over $70, so the first year sales were not profit.
By the time 1905, the
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So that, at the end of the century, coke started to sold across the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, Coca Cola company started to sell the syrup to the independent bottling companies licensed to sell the beverage. The bottling companies agreed with the specific beverage needed a standard and specific bottle. Therefore, the bottling companies confirmed the unique contour bottle in 1916.The new Coke bottle was very specific and unique; it was very noticeable in the dark and it had effective brand value apart from the competition. In 1977, the contoured Coca Cola bottle was trademarked. Cola Cola began worldwide sponsorship of Special Olympics in 1979, and has been doing sponsorship for many Olympics. After one year, The Coca Cola contour bottle became the main focus of the movie ‘’The Goods Must Be…show more content…
The new company name was, ‘’Beverage Partners Worldwide’’ which is was ready –to-serve coffee and tea to the market. For instance, they produced Simply Orange, but not a concentrate orange juice. At the same year, Coca Cola Company attended to the NGO; fight against AIDS in Africa and also attended HIV / AIDS, UNAIDS which was programmed by United Nations. In addition to this year, Coca Cola had been sponsored the Tour de France for 15th sequential year. In September 11, when terrorist attacks happened in the United States, the bottler companies of Cola Cola and the Coca Cola Foundation supported United States for $12 million. The twelve- pack carton, The Fridge Pack, was introduced in the United States of America. These cartons creation was based on the fridge size; so that, these packs sizes were convenient in the refrigerator. Additionally, The Coca Cola Company signed a multiyear sponsorship with

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