Coca Cola Competitor Analysis

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4.9 Competitor Analysis Figure 4.2 Strategic Group Map HIGH LOW HIGH The figure above illustrates the top 3 competing companies in the industry of Ready-to-Dring Tea in the Philippines. The factors VARIETY OF PRODUCT and DISTRIBUTION COVERAGE were used to determine the positions of the companies.URC is the top competitor when it comes to the variety of products because they offer 2 brands, 9 flavors and 3 different sizes. Coca Cola on the other hand only ahs one brand which is Real Leaf which has only 4 flavors and it is also distributed nationwide . Pepsico on the other hand, also has one brand which is Lipton with only 3 flavors and is also distributed nationwide…show more content…
It grew the local non-carbonated beverage market with the successful launch and continuing promotion of C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea. Building on the global trend towards health and wellness, C2 spearheaded the expansion of a new and high-growth segment in the Philippine beverage industry: the green tea segment. URC built on that success with forays into other areas of the no. " Coca Cola, Philippines “Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI) is a Philippines-based company engaged in bottling and distribution of Coca-Cola soft drink brands. CCBPI is among the ten biggest Coca-Cola bottlers globally and one of the top 100 Philippine corporations. CCBPI operates 23 plants and 42 sales offices with over 7,800 direct employees offers the widest selection of beverages for different needs like soft drinks, water, juices, teas, sports and energy drinks. ” Pepsico…show more content…
The team team is composed of staff that has the expertise in that certain division and not just the general planning team. The team usually discusses how to further penetrate the market or how to further develop the market. From then on, the planning arises on what are the process to be able to achieve its goals in line with URC’s standard procedures. 2. Organizing Following the structure of URC. It is very clear to the employees on what their duties are in the company. The Human Resource Department also plays a big role in recruiting for the positions that needs an employee to do the job without overlapping anothers. Company Policies are also present to guide them throughout their journey with the company. 3. Motivating URC has its own HR Team in each division or as they call business unit. It is made sure that the HR assigned to each business unit is eqiuipped with skills in knowing the needs of the employees. URC has many programs to ensure that the employees are emotionally healthy. They have family days, outing, and many more to reward their employees of their service to the company aside from the standard

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