Coca Cola Consumer Behaviour

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The title of study is “impact of advertisement on consumer behaviour” with special reference to coca-cola on the basis of objective is to analyze the effect of advertisement on consumer behaviour, analyzing the meaning of advertisement as a tool of promotion mix. It is to analyze the types of advertising and the various media used for this purpose. Its having great significance in advertising as a mode of public communication. The present topic aims to study the impact of advertisement on consumer behaviour in soft drink industries and proposing the recent trends and developments in this regard. The survey is conducted in Amritsar and its surroundings consumers and the information was collected through questionnaire and personal interviews.…show more content…
Called for in more than 80 different languages, coca-cola products are served more than 773 millions times every day, quenching the thirst of consumer in more than 195 countries in every climate. John Styth Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia 1st introduced this refreshing idea. It was may 1886, when the pharmacist concocted a caramel- coloured syrup in a three legged brass kettle in his backyard and carried it to Jacobs Pharmacy to mix it with carbonated water, and thus, a “ delicious and refreshing” drink was born. For five cents, consumer could enjoy a glass of coca-cola at the soda fountain. Dr. Pemberton’s partner and bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson suggested the name “coca-cola” in the unique flowing script that is still famous world wide…show more content…
C in both the promotional mix and advertising denotes that they are consumer oriented. Market Survey Report On Soft Drinks Market surveys are conducted during our training in which market is divided into various routes and each route have 80-90 outlets to visit by trainee. The purpose of this market survey is to know the market demands of coca-cola and Pepsi. The route that is given to me is Hall Bazaar, Ranjit Avenue, Green Avenue, Lawrence road, Katra jaimal Singh, Jalianwala bagh, Baba sahib Chowk and Sultan wind road. After completing survey, I have come to the conclusion that people are more prone to coca-cola then Pepsi i.e.; market demand of coca-cola is more than Pepsi. Survey Repot of Sultanwind road (no. Of outlets-28) List Coca-cola Pepsi NO % No % Stock 40 56 31 41 Painting 08 89 01 11 Signage 08 47 09 53 Image 07 33 14 67 _ EMBED Excel.Chart.8 s ___ Survey Report Of Hall Bazaar, Katra Jaimal, Jalliawala Bagh, Baba Sahib Chowk Outlet-35

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