Coca Cola Environment Analysis

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Coca-Cola is known as the soft drink of the world (Bell, 2004). Thanks to Dr John Pemberton who has invested, he was a pharmacist in Atlanta, USA. The drink doesn 't have bubbles at that time and started selling at small shops. The first slogan of the new product was “Delicious and refreshing”. The company has been successful over the two centuries and has become an icon of the American culture has well to the part of the world. The purpose of this report is going to focus on the company marketing strategies and how they can satisfy their consumers and how they demand their business as it is analysed in Coca-Cola of how their marketing and sales techniques can utilise and how they attract their purchasers and customers.

 Environment Analysis
Environment analysis is an essential step to understanding the external local, national or international forces to plan a business (Smith, 2017). This section will focus how this impact on the operation of Coca-Cola.

Coca-cola products are the mercy of FDA. They must meet regulations, which are given by the government as they can put the products in supermarkets and stores. These changes in established laws may prevent Coca-Cola from distributing drinks.

Economical factors:
Coca-Cola products have the distribution over 200 and more countries, as these countries have different customs, cultures, tastes and desires. The company has been updated of how they handle their products by creating new flavours to suit

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