Coca Cola Environmental Analysis Paper

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Environmental analysis of coca-cola and its overview of the market Rashmi Acharya BN171062 BUS 510 Marketing Management Professor: Brent Rapisardi Westcliff University 19th September, 2017 Abstract In this paper, we will be discussing the product Coca-Cola which was produced by The Coca-Cola Company. We will be focusing on how the various Macro Environmental factors affect the marketing environment of the product. Here we are also giving emphasize on PESTAL analysis concept in order to help marketers to analysis the market. And in this paper, we will be discussing how to use PESTAL analysis tool from the perspective of Coca-Cola Company. Furthermore, we have also discussed some strategies to be enhanced by the marketer in order to increase…show more content…
Besides making their product environmentally friendly, the objective of Coca-Cola Company is to target new customer by creating values and by making a difference. (TEAM, 2015) Says, the company has also introduced various Cola drinks such as Diet Coke, Caffeine free Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coke caffeine free etc. Demographic: It includes different kinds of factors such as age, gender, education, location etc. every organization should follow certain laws and regulations of a country. In case of Coca-Cola, it is assumed that it will not be beneficial for the children. So, the company stated that they will not be showing the advertisement of Coca-Cola in children television channels (SHREE, 2014). The company understands its customers very well so, it has accordingly targeted to the youth as well as for the household by offering different size of…show more content…
In terms of Coca-Cola Company also some macro environmental factors like demographics, economic, natural, technological, social and political factors can bring some impact in the market of the company. So, every marketer should find out these factors and should bring some changes to their marketing strategies in order to rule in the market and to sustain their business organization. Since the Coca-Cola Company has always focused on adding value to its product, it is standing at the top position in the market. There are very few competitors who can compete Coca-Cola on that

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