Coca Cola Environmental Factors

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Coca Cola Company is one of the largest companies in the world and the most recognized kind of non-alcoholic beverages. From the first appearance became much loved by consumers who support it thermal till today. It 's a business that makes great sales annually than it seems that has not face any problem in this section. Of course, the reason why it is so successful and efficient, is simply the good Management and whatever is included in it. There is talk of a very well organized company with a strong workforce, i.e. the two main elements of a profitable company. In addition, part of marketing is undoubtedly the key to success. The promotion of products and impressive advertising piqued the interest of consumer and motivate the
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Environmental factors:
The management of energy, water and climate protection is the focus of coca cola. The company has already begun to do some basic progress since 2007 USED 300 billion water for drink production. Also, according to investigations, it makes the best-selling fructose corn syrup, sugar, coffee, citrus and consumers consume the largest proportion in bottles. Nevertheless, the company has a number of objectives on this issue. Initially what wants is to establish a unit for the recycling of water for returning clean to the environment and to reduce the consumption of water during the course of production.
Legal factors:
Policy changes and laws have a direct impact on a business. More often these factors bring problems however may arise various opportunities. The Coca-Cola Company has faced several times problems with the law, for example in 1970 it was negative to extend the company in India. Furthermore the European Union countries ban the product because of poisoning children. In 2003 a nongovernmental organization in India spoke of detrimental components of cola which cause health problems such as cancer and this is the reason why in Kerala the product withdrawn from the market.
SWOT analysis:
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of course, the Ansoff Matrix is used in a company such as coca cola. One of the most famous and trading company in the world, which operates in most of the planet.
Then some proposals are going to be analized for the development of business that may be quite profitable.
An extremely clever idea could be to create snacks. Coca Cola is a company engaged in the single space of non-alcoholic beverages, but this limits it enough in this era where the market has become highly competitive. Also, the production of nutritious drinks could increase the incomes as the healthy lifestyle is very popular these days. Nevertheless, these proposals belong to product development strategy of Ansoff matrix analysis and it would be better to be described thoroughly.
Product development is related with new products in an existing market. Its main focus is to launch new products which will attract more and more consumers and will make the corporation more competitive. A good idea is the healthy snacks and drinks as was mentioned before. In this way coca cola will gain another kind of consumers, i.e., consumers that are addicted to healthy life and also, more

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