Coca Cola Essay On Advertising

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Coca-Cola needs no introduction so does Apple or Toyota or even McDonalds. These are popular brands that we know and love. But how did they get to be so popular even after generations have changed? The simple answer is advertising; something that all these companies have been doing since their inception. Coca-Cola is always reminding us of how refreshing their products are with catchy tunes that you sing to all year round before they drop another catchy tune that will also last another year. Apple has these witty advertisements that make it look like the best option for smart people. It makes you feel trendy and smart at the same time. It also sells uniqueness in its brand. These companies that are popular worldwide captivate their market and…show more content…
There is a need to make advertising more effective and less intrusive in our day to day lives. Some ads are just a bother. They want to pop up everywhere and create a negative impression about the product being advertised. Advertisers need to know when to advertise and when to let their consumers relax from all these bombarding ads everywhere. Sadly, advertisers are being duped by data mining companies which provide data that kind of represents consumers in a false light. This data is mostly obtained from online platforms and as is common knowledge, not everything online is true. One particular source of data for these companies is social media and the lives people claim to live on social media 7/10 times is probably a lie. This type of data is what makes advertisers miss the mark in most of their campaigns. They end up targeting the wrong market whenever they use this data. You find teenagers who have false years recorded by these social media apps receiving ads that are not age appropriate or people posting pictures depicting a lavish lifestyle yet their income is modest. Advertisers end up losing millions of dollars in failed advertising. Sometimes the content they create ends up being disliked by their target market and they receive a lot of backlash which may negatively affect their
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