Coca Cola Friends Rhetorical Analysis

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Coca-Cola uses key elements in the composition of “Friends” to draw attention to their new packaging’s environmental appeal. The most direct way this is done is through their use of subtitles; “ Friends”, an advertisement for Coca-Cola’s new PlantBottle, says “They [plants]…make our bottles” (“Friends”). This tells consumers in an direct manner that their product is made from plant materials and directly implies that their PlantBottle is more ecologically friendly then normal plastic. This statement, though it is vague and lacks proof, caters to a society has become concerned with the eco-friendliness of their purchases. Coca-Cola’s words catch the viewers’ attention even if it is an overall dubious claim; it also acts as a transitionary phase that leads to another…show more content…
Coca-Cola, along with being direct about their intended message, used the green plant featured prominently within the middle of the artifact to promote their brands environmental consciousness. Allison Protats, Geoff Brown, and Jamie Smith, authors of the University of Michigan’s “Dictionary of Symbolism”, say green plants symbolically stand for “…earthly, growing things…, Mother Earth, life, nature…” (Protats, Brown, Smith). Coca-Cola is certainly aware of this due to the fact they made the green plant the focal point of their advertisement. The green plant, and the implications it holds within it, are symbolically connected to Coca-Cola through it’s placement in the advertisement; the green plant is featured in the middle of two white hands and a red background that together match Coca-Cola’s products color scheme. These elements work together to promote the idea that Coca-Cola is concerned with nature and the impact their products have upon it. Coca-Cola’s key elements within “Friends” are used as symbolism to reinforce the belief that their products are environmentally

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