Coca Cola History Summary

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HISTORY & BACKGROUND OF COCA COLA The Coca Cola company is known as one of the world’s largest carbonated soft drinks company that began before World War II. It is an American-based company found in 1886 by an Atlanta pharmacist. Dr. John S. Pemberton created the formula of French Wine Coca, which is known as Coca Cola now and introduced the carbonated soft drink as a patent medicine at first. The beverage became more noticeable when Frank M. Robison, Dr. Pemberton’s partner changed the product name and created the famous script logo, which he believed that will attract customer in advertising.The marketing phenomenon grew even bigger when the small company was bought over by Asa Griggs Candler prior of the founder’s death in 1888. Candler 's decision was what made the Coca Cola Company so successful today due to his interest and aggressiveness in marketing this product. Over the years, Coca Cola had faced many challenges in finding its identity in packing until the …show more content…

Thumbs up, Maaza and Kinley are consider as the star product of the Coca Cola Company. This is because the refreshment sold to customers are mainly from India and United Arab Emirates, which contributes the most cash to the company as people consider this as their first choice of carbonated soft drink. The Coca Cola company believes that these three beverages have high growth and a market share. Cash Cows: A product that generates more money than they require are considered as a cash cow. This is because the product is known as the leaders of an organisation in the marketplace and company take out little fund when investing . Limca and Coca Cola are the cash cows of Coca Cola, which has low growth and high share in the market. These products may not be dominant in the marketplace but is able to grow with the support of loyal customers or those who are a fan of

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