Coca Cola Human Resource Analysis

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u 18002480 Human Resources Assignment 1 Question 1 For this assignment, I have decided on using the company Coca-Cola to base my research and essay. 1. What roles do Human Resource consultants play at Coca-Cola? In the modern-day business world, one finds that it is indisputable that all businesses require a proficient, efficient and effective Human Resources department to assist the business in its daily functioning. The Human Resource department is responsible for some of the key prerequisites that allow for optimal functioning of the business to take place. A few of the key responsibilities of the Human Resource department include but are not • The recruitment of new employees; • Providing employees compensation and rewards; • Managing…show more content…
By providing an open channel of communication between the two, Human Resource consultants better equip the organisation for smooth operation. Human Resource consultants at Coca-Cola ensure that the company’s human capital (employees) serves the company’s best interests by continuously enquiring from the various departments of the company about their recruitment needs. The company ensures that it utilizes its personnel/employees in such a way that it helps organisation to materialize their business goals. Another way in which Coca-Cola uses its employees to make their objectives and goals realized is by equipping its employees with an abundance of knowledge and information by running workshops and offering forums -which are concerned primarily with how the organization works and what is expected of each employee. Roles of Human Resource consultants at Coca-Cola include, but are not limited to : • Hiring and training new staff; • Establishing and implementing HR policies; • Preparing and presenting reports relating to the HR department; • Drafting job descriptions and specifications; • Determining what kinds of employees the company…show more content…
I believe that such a person would fare better as an employee of Coca-Cola better than the other dimensions of personality that exist because the environment at Coca-Cola is one that requires alertness, attention to detail and self-control. 4. Ideal orientation program for new employees As a means of welcoming the new employees to the company, Coca-Cola as well as any other companies could adopt the following into their program to properly welcome their newest additions to their company. Tour of the premises By scheduling and planning, well in advance, a time at which all new employees can gather and have a tour of their new work environment, HR consultants -which are in charge of orientation- allow the employees to get comfortable and familiar with the environment they are going to spend better parts of their days for the next few months. As a part of the tour, you can also familiarize them with the facilities the business offers and other important parts of the vicinity like the bathrooms, cafeteria, offices,

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