Coca-Cola In India

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Florencia Reyes
MGT 131
Professor Elena Crites
October 14, 2014
Case Discussion II - Coca-Cola in India
1. What aspects of U.S. and Indian culture may have been causes of Coke’s difficulties in India?
There are some important aspects of culture that Coca-Cola should focus. Laws in the U.S. and India may be different in certain circumstances or certain products that you need to produce your product. In general India has a lot of political and legal issues internally the laws are totally different in India than United States. This will be the main reason causing problems for Coke’s operations in India because as mentioned in the case Coca-Cola was caught off guard it did not expect that politicians would attack Coke as quickly. Some rules and
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Give guarantees via publics to ensure not destroy the resources of India. But Coca-Cola should not respond and mention in the case how other companies should have been tested as well if the pesticides were in the ground water and blaming the ground water. Therefore, if they find out any pesticides in them, then they sure will remove any and make the water safe and pesticide free. It will help Coca-Cola to apologize for the problems and destroying the water in India and try to compensate the people affected by this conflict. But not mostly important find the means to solve the problem because it still wants to produce its products and the plant as well. It is important for Coca-Cola and MNCs to build good reputation and consumer loyalty in the target…show more content…
They need to create an image and show that their doing the right thing like Coca-Cola, for example, should use their image and its reputation to help people and not necessary with the purpose to gain some profit. They should familiarize with the culture and specific be familiar with the way this countries do business so no one could be offended in any way. Focus them more on showing respect for their new venture markets in knowing their culture, language, and customs or way of doing business. This companies need to help those countries develop and doing and reducing any conflicts that could raise other conflicts that interfere with the production and distribution of their products. Need to be more social responsible and outsource any ways to produce their product without affecting the environment and resources of the countries they are thinking on going into
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