Coca-Cola Integrated Marketing Communication

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Executive Summary
The Integrated Marketing Communication is certainly the best answer to the change caused by the development of the digital era. The touch points and the communication arrangements have increased in recent years. Therefore, a clear understanding of who the brand’s target audience is, where it is and how it can be reached, has become more than ever indispensable. The brand I will be working on in this project is Coca-Cola or simply Coke. With an IMC plan, I will be trying to improve the online presence of the brand.
Coca-Cola is considered as a leader in producing soft drink in the world. It stands in the position of the most popular soft drink with a tremendous number of consumers promoting its growth. As of
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Because the need for integrated marketing communication has become very important with the development of the Internet in communication as this media has broken the traditional boundaries of the different marketing areas. Although the company already uses the advertising method, my focus in this paper will pretty much be how to improve Coca-Cola online presence.
Market Analysis
The target market of Coca-Cola is very diverse which includes different age groups ranging from 13 years of age to late adulthood, socio-economic position and gender, ethnic and cultural origin. Its products advertising is done through the mass marketing approach.
Demographically many market segments are being targeted by Coke. People belonging to different age group, both male and female, diverse occupations and income ranges, different educational backgrounds are part of its market target. In general, younger people perceive it as something that is good for fun and entertainment and older people see it as a refreshing
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to advertise is the most effective advertising method as so many people all over the world use internet to connect to social media networks. This situation is seen as something that will continue to grow. Even though Coca-Cola has been using social media marketing for the promotion of coke, diet coke and coke zero, there is always a need to improve this method as technology evolves constantly.
One of the remarks is that when advertising, the main theme of the T.V ad revolves around young people consumers of coke. The elderly are part of the advertising, but they seem to be in the background. It suggests the idea that older people are not so enthusiastic to have coke, but young people will certainly consume it. By also focusing on people of older age groups in advertisements will considerably help.
Another thing is that Coca-Cola needs to offer promotional and discounted prices to people based on some other criteria than just on special events such as Ramadan. The discounted prices can be offered in other cases as well apart from the special

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