Coca Cola Internal Growth Case Study

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When founded, Coca-Cola developped internal for some time. For general speaking, internal growth is producing more of the same products or services, or improving the production lines by creating new products. It basically means that company grows within inside and gets stronger to the core. It is achieved by without incorporating other companies. The main advantage of internal growth for companies in general is that the company grows within the existing structure, so there will be no problems of structure or management systems.

The other main type of business development, which Coca-Cola experienced after some time, is external development. The difference between external development and internal development is external development happens
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In this industry, customer have got lots different choices of soft drinks, so customer retention is a very different subject in the industry. The only way to retain customer is innovative thinking and creating the product that customer wants.

Positioning is basically creating the image of product that is constant in the mind of consumers. Positioning helps customers understand what is different about the product when compared with other competitors. Coca Cola desires creating positions that will give their products the greatest benefits in their target markets. Most consumers tends to create an picture of a product by contrasting it to another product. We have seen that through the infamous battles between Coca Cola and Pepsi products and Coca cola had the upper hand most of the times.
Coca-Cola’s market share reduced significantly after the company decided to change its flavour. Even though the researches at the time showed that this was the right move, it was a big mistake and many of Coca Cola fans stopped drinking. “Coke 's market share fell from 24.3 percent in 1980 to 21.8 percent in

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