Coca Cola Literature Review

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Company Profile
Founded by John S. Pemberton in Antlanta, Georgia, the Coca-Cola Company has created a great impact in the world history. Eventually, the company had secured partnerships with different bottling operations around the globe, mostly from Latin America and Asia, having the Coca-Cola FEMSA as one of their largest franchise partners. In 1912, it had expanded its business in Asia by starting a bottling industry in the Philippines (Chong, 2013).
Coca-Cola FEMSA had decided to expand its business in Canlubang, Laguna, having nine bottling lines of Coca-Cola products. Among these lines are three of the fastest bottling lines of the company around the globe. This technology was carefully analyzed and formulate
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There were two main divisions under the Quality Assurance Department – the Line QA and the Microbiology QA. Line Quality Analysts were assigned to conduct physicochemical testing of the final products, including the proper packaging and storage prior to retailer deliveries, by sampling the inspection at a random, time-based inspection. Having nine different bottling lines, the company had set different stations where appropriate testing of the products and materials are being conducted. All carbonated drinks, namely Coke, Sprite, and Royal Tru Orange, undergo same physicochemical testing such as net weight, seal and band torque, and Brix. While the Line Quality Analyst is assigned to inspect the final products and their final conditions before their distribution to the retailers, the Microbiology Quality Analyst is expected to test sampled materials being produced in the plant – from the materials being used in making the products such as syrups and water, to the final products. All samples being tested by the Line QA must also undergo microbiological testing. Basically, all products being sampled in the Quality Assurance Department are also being tested in the

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