Coca Cola Operations Management Essay

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This initial report is a case project on operation management for Coca-Cola Company. As an operations manager for Coca-Cola Company, I will seek to acknowledge the best practices to the role in the process management. The project is divided into several sections to cover all the main concepts of this particular case.
The first section contains the background of Coca-Cola Company within its prime functional position, mission, and vision. The second part is about the company’s general operations where it will include a broad perspective of Coca-Cola operations as well as its perceptions of productivity, strategy, and competitiveness. The third part of the report is about applying the appropriate methods of operations management
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It studies the procurement, enlargement, and operation of resources that Coca-Cola Company needs to distribute its products and services. Operations management sorts from strategic to operational stages. Strategic concerns include deciding the scope and location, identifying the assembly line of products and service, and planning the supply chains. The operational issues contain production arranging and control, inventory administration, quality control, and equipment preservation…show more content…
The company has more than 250 bottling partners worldwide. Also, it operates multiple local channels all over the world for bottling operations, package, distribute and merchandise all the branded beverages to their customers and vending associates. Coca-Cola Company is the most head provider of beverages through its largest distribution system. The company operates almost 200 nations globally through six operating areas which are Latin America, North America, Europe, Pacific, Africa

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