Compare And Contrast Coca Cola Polar Bear

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The Polar bear is a huge advertising feature for the Coca cola company, and the polar bear can represent many situations and attract many people. The polar bear is a way to show people the consequences of climate change. An analysis is a very helpful way of understanding new topics. Two images, a Coca Cola polar bear ad, which appeared in France in 1922, and the cover of the December 2010 issue of the journal Nature. When viewing these two images together contradictory and complementary ideas come to mind. Both images portray the polar bears in a lovable light. They both look friendly and welcoming. However, both of the images have a different purpose, one is to advertise a product and the other is to inform of the effect melting ice can have.

In both images the attention is brought to the polar bears that seem to be happy and approachable. The fur is
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First of all, the Coca Cola advertisement brings the notice to the polar bear giving the sun his cold drink, whereas the Nature journal cover brings our notice to a polar bear standing on melting ice. Other differences within the Coca Cola ad are that it has a polar bear with human like abilities, a sun, a dark sky representing space, and of course the Coca Cola drink itself. The words in the ad are in French. At the top right of the image is translated to “Sparkling Drink” and at the bottom of the ad it states that the drink is available in “cafes, bars, Etc.” Other differences within the Nature journal cover are that the broken ice that the polar bear is standing on is floating away from the mainland. The polar bear seems to be very malnourished and needs help. The journal cover says, “Staying Alive” in white capital letter and underneath that it says to “Cut greenhouse-gas emissions now and we can still save the polar bear”. Which suggest that climate change affects polar bears greatly and that we can
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