Coca Cola Problem Issues

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Coca-Cola Coca-cola is the largest and most popular soft drink company in the world, and one of the most recognizable brands around the world. Coca-Cola was created in Atlanta, Georgia by a pharmacist named John S. Pemberton during the year 1886 (The Coca-cola company, 2018). During the initial creation of the beverage, it was offered as a fountain drink at the pharmacy. In 1887, the drink was patented and in 1893 it was registered as a trademark and sold nationwide in the US by 1895 (The Coca-Cola Company, 2018). Coca-Cola main line of business is the production of carbonated beverages and bottling. Some of the carbonated products Coca-Cola produce are Sprite, Fanta, Diet Coke, and regular coke. The company also produces bottled water and…show more content…
Potential Problem or Issues Coca-Cola Might Address With a Research Study There are many problems that Coca-Cola can address with a research study. Some of the issues that can be addressed with a research study are customers concern of obesity, competitions in the beverage industry, and scarcity of resources. These are issues that are currently affecting the company position as the world’s biggest beverage company and its overall profit. Another issue of concern is obesity; obesity is a major concern of many of Coca-Cola consumers. Due to the health risk, many consumers are looking for a healthier choice of drinks instead of Coca-Cola high syrup concentrated carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks are a big influencer of these health complications. Coca-Cola, as a major carbonated drink manufacturer, can contribute to the obesity epidemic (Frue, 2016). Coca-Cola has not found a solution to provide its consumers with…show more content…
According to Scott Smith, in the mid-1980s, the Coca-Cola Company made a decision to introduce a new product into their beverage line. They conducted a research and the showed that taste was the most important cause of the product decline in the market. So Coca-Cola decided to introduce a new product to the market that was sweeter than the original Coke drink. Almost 200,000 blind product taste tests were conducted in the United States, and more than one-half of the participants favored New Coke over both the original formula and Pepsi (Smith, 2013). Even though people favored the “New Coke”, product, they still didn’t want the company to completely discontinue the original Coke. But the company made a mistake by taking the original Coke off the market and replaced it with new Coke. This decision caused the Coca-Cola Company to lose millions in profit. They decided to discontinue the New Coke product and brought back the original Coke product. From the lessons learned, the company can use secondary research by reintroducing the new coke to the market and use the studies from prior research to improve the

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