Coca Cola Product Life Cycle

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Product Lifecycle of Coke: Product life cycle has four phases 1. Introduction 2. Growth 3. Maturity 4. Decline. The markets where Coke is a dominant player are United States of America, Europe and Asia, Africa. There is a vast difference in terms of above given phases for example, in U.S.A & Europe it has reached maturity stage where it can’t expand its market more but if we consider Asia, it is still in the growth phase. Coca-Cola is currently going through the maturity stage in Western countires. This maturity stage lasts longer than all other stages. Management has to pay special attention to products during this stage of the product life-cycle. During the maturity stage, products usually go through a slowdown in sales growth.…show more content…
As Cola consumption has decreased in the US Colas have come to realize the untapped international market. In 2003 both Coke and Pepsi had a solid presence in India and had each introduced a 300mL bottle. In order to grab market share Pepsi began to drop prices (even with summer approaching, which was contrary to policy in America). Shortly thereafter, Coca-Cola decided to drop their prices slightly, but focused on the reduced price point of their 200mL container. Coca- Cola planned to use the lower price point to penetrate new cities that were especially price sensitive. The carbonated soft drink market in India is nearly 37% of the total beverage market…show more content…
To study the promotion strategies adopted by Coca-Cola 2. To study the advertising effectiveness Coca-Cola on customer 3. To analyze the awareness of consumer regarding Coca Cola. 4. To help the company for further changes in the quality, pricing, and policies. Research design The Research available is descriptive so as to describe the complete qualities of juices available in market. Sources of Data collection To do a research always we use two sources of data collection. But this is based on secondary data collection. Secondary Source: Secondary source is the internet, magazines, and old data files of the research. CHAPTER 6 PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES GETTING SHELVES They get or purchase shelves in big departmental stores and display their products in that shelves in that style which show their product more clear and more attractive for the consumers. EYE CATCHING POSITION Salesman of the Coca Colacompany positions their freezers and their products in eye-catching positions. Normally they keep their freezers near the entrance of the stores. SALE PROMOTION Company also do sponsorships with different college and school’s cafes and sponsors their sports events and other extra curriculum activities for getting market

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