Coca Cola Project Report

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CHAPTER - 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION In 1994, the legend and soft drink giant Coca-Cola took over Pane and LBL was the third franchise of Coca-Cola in Haryana. With the introduction of new technology in plant and implementing policies of the Coca-Cola system, LBL has come a long way in proving a name for itself. It has a 600 BPM aerated line and a 320 BPM Maaza line.. The company has about 110 vehicles (66 trucks, 6 wheelers and 11 fork lifters). Production is 4.3 million per year with 30,000 c/s per day during peak season. Sale is 6.0 million c/s with a turn over of 100 crores. LBL follows FEFO principle i.e. first expiry first out. There are various depots for the distribution to customers in Gurgaon, Delhi,Faridabad,…show more content…
• Cut pulp cans with the help of cutter. • Transfer the pulp cans into pulp dump tank and rinse the cans with water and pour this water into dumping tank. • Transfer the pulp into the buffer tank. • Transfer the pulp to ready syrup room. • Take treated water in a water tank and transfer to buffer tank to ensure walls of tank are free of pulp. Transfer the water to ready syrup room. ESSENCE AND PULP MIXING • Ensure that liquid part is at room temperature before essence mixing. • Dissolve the dry parts separately in essence mixing tank containing small quantity of treated water according to sequence given in instructions. • Dissolve the dry parts in essence mixing tanks. • Transfer dry parts in solution form to syrup tank. • Add second dry part after complete flushing of prior dry part to avoid mixing of two parts.. • Switch on agitator of syrup tank as soon as concentrate starts coming inside the tanks. • Add the liquid parts according to sequence given in instructions. • Rinse the concentration container with treated water and add this water to tank through concentration mixing tank. • Transfer pulp from pulp room section to syrup tank and mix as per specifications. Quality Tests: Seal on every concentrate…show more content…
3.1.6 Incubation: Holding a sample for a specific period of time before examination. Also, holding cultures of microorganisms under condition favourable to their growth. 3.2MEDIA PREPARATION 3.2.1 For Bacteria: • Weigh 3.3 grams of CC-i (M tryptone Glucose Extract Agar) medium. • Dissolve in 1 OOml distilled water. • Cotton plug the flask. • Wrap cotton plug with Aluminium foil. • Sterilize by autoclave at 15 pounds (121°C) for 15 minutes 3.2.2 For Coliforms: • Weigh 6.3 grams of CC-3 (MF-Endo Agar) medium. • Dissolve in 100 ml of distilled water containing 2 ml ethanol. • Cotton plug the flask. • Wrap cotton plug with Aluminium foil. • Boil to dissolve medium completely. • Cool to dispense medium in sterile petriplates. Note: • Don’t overheat the medium. • Protect medium from bright light. • Use medium on same day on which it is

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