Ratio Analysis Of Coca-Cola

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Company Overview Coca Cola began by Dr. John Pemberton in the year 1886. His idea was centered on making a great and refreshing drink to be sold at different locations. He started with some syrup and carbonated water, which started the sensation and popularity within the surrounding citizens and community. Coca-Cola was a hit. It first sold at 5 cents per glass. Now, they sell at an average of $1.29. The company kept growing and new investors joined. These investors brought new ideas that would make it even more popular and convenient for it’s buyers. The bottled Coca-Cola was created and it became a hit. In 1977, the company had to trademark the latest shape because of competitors copying the ideas. In the 1900’s, advertising…show more content…
We can see that it has both increased and decreased in certain areas. Although their ratios could be high compared to other companies, we need to remember that it is a big company all around the world. This does show that Coca-Cola is still a highly demanded company and that although numbers varied; it is still able to show the high demand.

RECOMMENDATION Coca-Cola is a company that has been around for many years and it will not change for centuries. Coca-Cola will be around for a very long time because of its excellent service and highly demanded products. Coca-Cola did have a small downfall in sales, but all that can change quickly. Coca-Cola did great in the beginning when they started their own bottle and advertising. I highly believe that if Coca-Cola were to invent a new shape on bottle or advertise more with the creativity of the early 1900’s, their sales will rise and many people will reminisce about the great times they had in their childhood. Since Coca-Cola has been around for many years, if they were to bring back the old advertisements and bottles, many people would be inclined to purchase the products and start a “When I was younger”

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