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Make recommendations for improvements
The last part of the case analysis process involves making recommendations based on my above analysis. Obviously, the quality of this recommendations is a direct result of the thoroughness with which I prepared the case analysis. My recommendations will be in line with my analysis; that is, they should follow logically from the previous discussion. For example, your recommendation generally will centre on the specific ways of changing functional, business, and corporate strategy and organizational structure and control to improve business performance.
Recommendation on the company existing‘s strategic and alternatives
The company should make no major strategic changes to its plan. However, like in any
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it should spend more R&D on avoiding bad physical effects of carbonated drinks. Coca-Cola should focus on non-carbonated drinks as bottled water and healthy drinks Coca-Cola should start producing new products rather than beverages as food and snacks to enter a new life cycle .it should think about Vertical Integration : - Backward Integration: Produce raw Material - Forward Integration : distribution channel is mostly through retails. Whereas the competitors also concentrates more on Restaurants and Coffee shops. The company should try to increase their distribution in these areas. The product features must be 1) Competitor at a reasonable price.2) Appropriate quality for the price.3) Taste plus and is studied carefully to fit the local taste by attracting samples from abroad and put on the market and collect information from customers about their opinion of this product.4) Outer shell: This is the cover of this care to meet the aspirations of customers.5. Non-drop: where the company launched the product in the market on an ongoing basis as long as the demand for it continuously so as not to demand. 6) Plug the speed and accuracy of products appointments where the company providing the required products to dealers in time without any delay so as not to cut off the market. 7) Diversity to ask a wide variety of products. 8. The company presents its products and also depending…show more content…
The company should continue to expand their growth and take advantage of potential opportunities by continuing to improve on areas at the corporate top level, in the markets that they currently are in, and in new markets and market segments that they wish to expand into. The company should expand into markets and market segments that they are currently not in, in order to expand their market share at the global level and to increase their overall revenue. The company should improve their employee relations in order to create employees all over the world that will promote the product both during their work day and in their personal life in order to create “word of mouth marketing”. The Company should look to cut some of their expenses and void to be more in revenue than the competition, but they should have a similar net Income. The company needs to continue to expand their market share in the markets where they currently have a strong presence in order to maintain their market share and their footprint in the marketplace. The company should become more proactive in the health food/product marketplace rather than being reactive to the market trends. They need to improve their responsiveness and future projections to market trends and changes that can

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