Coca Cola Recruitment Strategy

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Coca Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company. In this project there is a brief description of recruiting sales force for the Coca Cola Company. The various steps of recruitment along with the ways of recruiting people, i.e. Internal and External. In the Coca Cola Company the main focus is on Internal Recruitment. Here is the qualities for a good salesman would be described which is required for recruiting and is well-acquired for the job. The recruitment will be done focusing on the present and future needs. The major focus areas are qualities and their principles of recruitment are high. The study here gives a brief idea about the company and what strategies should the company accept that will reduce the time, effort and cost in recruitment process. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION THE COCA COLA COMPANY: The Coca Cola Company is the American multinational Company and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrate and syrup. It is no. 1 brand according to the fortune 2009 survey. The Company operates the franchised distribution system date from 1889. The Coca Cola Company is the headquartered at Atlanta, Georgia. The major markets of Coca Cola Company consists of the U.S.A, Britain, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia and North America. It has many activities in 200 Companies about 3000 branches, 55000 employees crossways the world. Over 200 expatriates are assigned for
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