Coca Cola Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Advertising is the best way to get a message across to a certain audience. It serves as a mean of communication of a product or service. It is broadcasted through every media around the world in order to make any product known. The brand Coca Cola is one of the most known companies in the world; their main product is a type of beverage. Throughout the years, this company has been making history with their worldwide advertisements. These advertisements are created in a way that capture’s the audience’s attention and makes them want to purchase the product. In specific, the ad “It’s Beautiful” and “Taste the Feeling of Summer with Coca Cola” are only two of multiple others that sells their product successfully with the use of the rhetorical appeals: …show more content…

It is created as a response to a current situation in the United States regarding multiculturalism. The commercial is meant to be viewed by people from ages 18+ and that are any type gender, any religion, and race or from any culture. This is known because the commercial shows a multi-lingual version of the song “America the Beautiful” sang in eight different languages in order to express a strong message of the presence of diversity in America. It provides footage of different people living their everyday life in America in different cultures. With this, Coca Cola emphasizes the diversity of this country and that everyone is welcome and has the right to be …show more content…

The name of the company, Coca Cola, is considered ethos because has a history of credibility. Pathos is another important aspect of the ad where it appeals to its audience’s emotions by accessing a current situation in the United States and by promoting certain values like optimism, humanity, and unity. It shows various ways people enjoy their product and how it brings them together despite their cultural differences like riding horses, going to the movie theater with friends, going to the beach, dancing, spending time with family, etc. Last of all, logos is represented at the end of the commercial where the company’s logo and slogan are

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