Coca Cola Should Be Used To Make Coke

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The soda industry has been very flourishing. The soda, Zazzer Fizz, comes in various flavors and it would make a great contribution to Coca- Cola. There are many procedures to follow when making this soda tied with a majority of scientific background as to why Coca- Cola should adopt my recipe. First of all, in order to make a solution such as soda, it has to go through various processes of heating and cooling. To sweeten the solution, it has to be heated. Solutions become more soluble when the temperature rises for glucose, so does the solute. When the corn syrup 's temperature rises, the solute also rises, which causes the lactose to rise too. To carbonize the solution, it has to be lower than the temperature. Unlike solids, gases…show more content…
Just like sweetener, corn syrup is used in coke. Because it 's a natural sweetener, it 's way better than any other sugar. As you heat up the corn syrup, its solubility quickly rises. When making the soda, don 't mix it with lactose, which is milk because it doesn 't saturate well nor does it carbonate well. In contrast, when you heat sugar at the same temperature the solubility does not rise nearly as fast as the solubility of glucose. In a product like soda you would hope that the solute would dissolve in the solvent properly to create the solution, which would be the finished product of the soda. In this case, the solvent is the other mixture of ingredients and the solute is the sweetener that is being used. When making a product such as soda, you would want a solute that would have a high solubility and easily dissolve into the soda. A drink like soda would require a large amount of sweetener to give it to the taste that customers…show more content…
Furthermore, this would require a sweetener like glucose because it would create a saturated solution. For a solution to be saturated, it has to contain the maximum amount of solute that can normally be dissolved at a given temperature and pressure. If I were to used sugar rather than glucose, I would not have a saturated solution. A saturated solution is a mixture where the solute is able to dissolve in the solvent. In a supersaturated solution, the solvent is unable to dissolve into the solution, possible because of temperature or due to the fact that there is too much of the solute. Supersaturated is when the concentration of a solution increases beyond the saturation point. Unsaturated solutions have solute concentrations that are lower than the equilibrium soulbility. For a solution to be unsaturated, it has to contain less solute than its maximum amount. When it comes to making soda, a saturated solution would be needed. The solubility of both lactose and sugar requires much higher temperatures to reach the solubility that the mixture would need. Using glucose would require lower temperatures and reach a much higher solubility faster. Due to the fact that the lactose and sugar need higher temperatures to reach a higher solubility, these solutes would most likely create supersaturated solutions. This is because the solution would need more heat in order to dissolve the
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