Coca Cola Stakeholders

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Key partners The reputation and foundation of Coca-Cola have been built on partnership and co-operation with various companies and corporations. This has been their essence to their long-term business success. Coca-cola believes collaboration and innovation across their supply chain is critical to allow deliver sustainable target. Together with their suppliers and creating mutual value, Engaging and working with partners that will help to deliver ambitious sustainability plans. Coca cola has been collaborating with partners who are the suppliers. The business partners they the provider of materials,ingredients,packaging and machinery and also partners in goods and services. Coca-cola bottling company has a Supplier Guiding principles where…show more content…
Coca-cola is also in partnership with the supplier of high-quality industrial maintenance, repair and maintenance products supplier. The helps in building collaboration and providing management focus. They also help in the evaluation of performance based on quality, cost and value, service and innovation and corporate responsibility. The key role of their partnership is improving service innovation, supply chain, communicating the values and the importance of responsible environment practices. Coca-Cola has more than 300 bottling partners. These partners range from small family owned operations to publicly traded businesses. In order to work cohesively and meet the need of all their customers, Coca-Cola has implemented the Coca-Cola System in which they work together with their partners and develop strategies to benefit the full ecosystem. The benefits from the cooperation is a well-balanced combination of skills and creating diversity and establishing greater capabilities within the…show more content…
Coca-cola is very committed to developing its business sustainably while respecting the environment. They are also committed to innovative and clean energy. Since 2010, they have been consistently reducing the carbon emissions and water consumption. Sales and operations Coca-cola has been establishing clear category and right product at the right price to favour the occasion which is called (OBPPC (Occasion, Brand, Package, Price and Channel) strategy. The OBPPC is the strategy offered to suit their customer’s needs, which has been helping capture people’s disposable income faster than its competitors, innovation allows the company tap into the less price-oriented experience and growing the revenue. Also the choice of different brand categories customers can choose from like Sprite and Fanta. They also offer zero sugared, low sugar sparking soft drinks. They also offer different drinks such as juices, iced tea, energy drink, sports drinks,

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