Coca Cola Sugar Problem

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Addressing the organization’s fundamental problems
Coca-Cola can address the sugar problem by finding a formula that does not involve sugar or involves a very small amount of sugar. Every product the company makes has its fans and they can produce two types of each, the sugary and one without sugar. Even raw materials with calories should be eliminated from the formula.
The challenge of digital marketing can be addressed by hiring employees who will work with marketing department to ensure the company maintains its good reputation on the internet and also attracts the new customers as it retains the old ones
The challenge of water shortage can be solved by using agricultural products to reduce the amount of water required. It can find agricultural
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Then determine the best option. The step will take place for twelve months.
b. Finding the most reliable and cheapest alternative that will help produce products without including sugars will happen on the thirteenth month after alternatives are identified.
c. Finding the best agricultural product that can be used to produce the company’s products and reduce the amount of water it requires such as watermelon will take four months starting from the fourteenth month to seventeenth month.
d. Research on supply and identifying how to contract suppliers will take two months starting from the eighteenth and nineteenth month.
e. Allocate finances and implement the changes. Allow every bottler to implement the changes over a period of ten fourteen months starting from the twentieth month of the implementation of the change to the thirty-third months.
How you will evaluate your strategic plan by doing the following:

Success metrics that will be used to evaluate the plan.
a)Gross margin. The profits realized from the changes will be used to determine whether the efforts are a success or failure. The aim is to help the organization overcome challenges and make more
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The plans that the operation team running the project will find might not please the senior management and this will affect the implementation of the changes.
b) Ignoring some basic information. Some of the team members may ignore some information as relevant and it will result in different results which may not be as good as if the information disregarded was included.
Discuss a contingency plan for each anticipated challenge discussed in part C3c.
a)To overcome the challenge of disagreements between operation management and senior management, both the teams must have their representatives in the development of changes and be given a chance to provide their opinions before the final decision is reached.
b) The best way to avoid ignoring some important information is by ensuring every role is allocated to a team and all team members are on good terms. When an activity is handled by a team, it will reduce chances of ignoring some information.

4. Explain how you will communicate your strategic plan to the internal and external stakeholders identified in

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