Coca Cola Sustainability And Sustainability

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If anything that companies are cautious about these days, it is their sustainability goals.
Sustainability goes beyond the realms of what companies must do for their stakeholders. It also makes them realise that sustainability, is essentially, translated to profitability and growth.
“Value has value only if its’ value is valued,” once said Bryan Dyson, Former CEO, Coca Cola.
Bryan Dyson served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Coca Cola Enterprises from 1985-2001. If anyone has the authority to talk about Coca Cola – the world’s largest beverage producer – it is him.
Dyson, an Argentine, had his small beginnings in 1959, when he joined Coca Cola, Venezuela. He then worked his way up north, serving in the Caribbean, Central
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It has high-profile brans including Sprite, Minute Maid, Fanta, Georgia Coffee, Dasani and Thums Up.
Coca Cola is leading by example by adopting stringent guidelines and also setting benchmarks which seem unrealistic, but they do achieve it, at least most of it. As sustainability consultants, we aim to guide Coca Cola in scrutinizing their goals, correcting them if needed and also guide them on how to achieve them in case they are falling short.
Hence, the purpose of our research was to study the sustainability practices of Coca Cola (non-alcoholic beverage industry). We were told to construct an argument, backed by a detailed analysis of the company 's internal and external environment, and to recommend a strategy (inventive, renovative, and incremental).
With Coke already having a sound base in adopting sustainability measures, I suggested an incremental strategy for the same. During the course of this document, the strategies will be evaluated and a change management program wherever needed will be set in place.
We also had to highlight this analysis with respect to UNSDG, GRI, National goals, and industry imperatives for sustainability and the recently concluded COP21 talks in
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If the policy is not in place, then country specific policies should be framed with the help of respective strategic business units. The standards in the country keep differing.
Setting up a factory is extremely capital intensive, and it leads to severe financial problems if problems arise with a factory.
The local community should benefit from the factory viz. employment, community development. Also measures of water replenishment and afforestation also should be done.
Public Relations:
Coca Cola’s public relations strategy is the envy of every company. The business of business is to do business said famous economist and thinker Milton Friedman. Product sales, the primary objective of the company will flourish only if the company has a good image with the public.
Hence, PR is extremely crucial. The Open Happiness campaign, even made as the “Sunshine Waali Asha” campaign” in India put the company on the right track. But such campaigns should be timely.
It is not surprising the Coca Cola gets in legal tangles in different countries be with factory or customer complaints or even cases employee harassment.
Much like a guideline for suppliers, Coca Cola should come out with basic Legal guideline document and further build it up with regards to respective

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