A SWOT Analysis Of Coca-Cola

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1. Popularity:
Coca Cola is one of the biggest brands in the world. Its popularity holds no bounds and where ever you go, you will find its existence. This shows how bigger a brand Coca Cola is, operating in more than 206 countries. There are absolutely no doubts what so ever that any other beverage company can come up to Coca Cola 's social popularity status as Coke is the second most widely known word in the world after ‘OK’. People buy coke not only because of its better taste and quality but they believe it is more than that. They consider themselves to be part of the coke family and it unites them all. Overwhelming is the best word to describe Coca Cola 's popularity.
2. Money:
Money is coke’s other big strength after its
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A businessman would like nothing more than its customers to remain loyal to his product and he will invest in this regard as well so that he could earn more profits. Coca Cola in this regard is very rich. The 80/20 rule comes into effect in this situation. Eighty percent of their profit comes from 20% of their loyal customers. All over the world, people are extremely loyal to Coca Cola because of its quality and taste. Customers will continually purchase these products, and will probably do so for a very long time. For example, if parents were avid Coca Cola drinkers, this will be passed down do their children as they grow loyal to the company. With Coca Cola’s ability to sell their product all over the world, customers will continue to buy Coca…show more content…
Word of mouth:
Word of mouth is probably a strength and weakness of every company. People say what they want to, for example if anyone didn’t like the products that Coca Cola has to offer he will try to communicate this to every other person. It is very hard to control as in different locations people believe other people before trying to know what is actually right. While people will have their opinions, you have to try to sway their negative views. If bad comments and views are put out to people who have yet to try Coca Cola products, then that could produce a lost customer which shows why word of mouth is a weakness.
2. Lack of popularity of many of Coca Cola’s Brands:
Yes, this fact is undeniable that there is no other cola brand popular than Coca Cola but the same is not true for every brand Coca Cola produces. It has approximately 400 different drink brands worldwide and a vast port folio but every brand is not very popular. Most are unknown and rarely seen for available purchase. These drinks do not probably taste bad, but are rather a result of low profile or nonexistent advertising.
3. Health

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