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Tasting Success Article Page 95 Discussion Questions
Question 1 Which decisions in this story could be considered unstructured problems? And structured problems?
Structured problem Can be defined as a straightforward, familiar and easily defined issue, and it is easily solved by the eight step-by-step process Identify a Problem, Identify Decision Criteria, Allocate Weights to the Criteria, Develop Alternatives, Analyze Alternatives, Select an Alternative, Implement the Alternative and Evaluating Decision Effectiveness.
The issue as described in the article is the orange juice production and it is considered as a structured problem, and the way it is produced, its mechanism is responsible for the production as it is based on Coca-Cola’s mixture
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Coca-Cola’s Production Orange Juice is considered as an unstructured problem, due to the fact that its production is even more complicated than bottling soda, the production of the Orange juice requires a complicated process that involves mathematical algorithms, modules, and business applications. Decisions rely and depends on the nature of the problem and obtained solutions as a result, the solution that has been taken for this obstacle is to resolve this issue from the roots.
That is the main reason of the exclusion/classification of problems is divided into structured and unstructured problems in business sectors.
Question 2 How Does the Black Book help Coke’s Managers and other employees in
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Big Data is considered as a large amount of data from multiple references and sources such as media, consumer loyalty, and retail channel data, which Coca-Cola have generated from the previous years, big data is a major part of Management information system, is part of the present and it is always contemporary, the company use this data to analyze decisions in order to derive the value of a certain product, as it is required to figure out the Orange juice mixture in order to meet the right demand and the right time which companies consider it as seasonable.
Another reason is, noting that oranges are available for only 3 months a year, big data has guided Coca-Cola to ensure enhancing a particular algorithmic Black book model, which develops the beneficial mixture or blend in order to have the highest demand and revenue possible, as a result of big data Coca-Cola has a great advantageous strategies from the analysis and that guides the company to achieve its goals, big data helps companies like Coca-Cola in a vast range when does the demand reach it is maximum peak and minimum to generate the maximum possible profit based on a distinguishable

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