Coca Cola Value Chain Strategy

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This paper outlines how the Coca-Cola Company reconfigured its value chain activities to exploit their core competences and gain market power on a global platform. The research was carried out with online resources provided by the company it self and news articles. The Coca-Cola Co. transformed its business model and implemented product, packaging and pricing strategies through different distribution channels. The company continues exploring and participating in new lines of beverages, extending existing product lines and effectively promotes and markets its products.

Coca-Cola Value Chains & Core Competencies

The Coca-Cola Company is a world leader in the soft drinks industry company. The company’s headquarter is in Atlanta
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The company is dedicated to manufacture beverage concentrates and bottlers produce the final products. Coca-Cola FEMSA is the largest bottler of beverages trademark Coca-Cola in the world in terms of sales volume, with operations in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil. As partners, they have the common incentives that allow them capture significant growth opportunities in the fast growing market, but underdeveloped, of non-carbonated beverages in Latin America, developed and expand our portfolio of non-carbonated beverages through innovation, strategic acquisitions and entering into agreements to acquire companies jointly with The Coca-Cola Company. ("Corporate information | FEMSA",…show more content…
Its main distribution channels are small retailers, "on-premise" as are restaurants and bars, supermarkets and third party distributors. Presence in these channels entails a comprehensive and detailed analysis of purchasing patterns and preferences of various groups of beverage consumers in each of the different locations or distribution channels. As a result of this analysis, adapt their product strategies, price, packaging and distribution to meet the particular needs of each distribution channel and exploit their respective core potentials. We can identify Coca-Cola’s core competencies as the following (Company, 2015, pg.34)

o Consumer Marketing o Commercial Leadership o Franchise Leadership o Bottling and Distribution Operations

Coca-Cola is always looking for new ideas to stay in business and remain competitive for it gives significant support to distribution channels, encourages its vendors through awards, promotions and others; as well as customer support him in activities in order to stimulate sales. In addition to this get customers to keep the company in competitiveness, as they obtain more information on these and often put the company in response to new form of distribution, also help with information to the sales force reporting on products

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