Cocaine Informative Speech

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Euphoric feelings plus an extreme shot of energy that last for about 30-45 minutes. Im sure everyone would this at some point in their day. That is, until you learn that this is all caused by cocaine.

Cocaine has been an illegal street drug since the beginning of the 20th century, but for some reason the number of users has been steadily increasing. I’d like to dive into the chemistry of this drug and explore how it affects the brain on a chemical level.

Cocaine works by blocking the reuptake of dopamine in a neuron. This causes an influx of dopamine in the synapse of two neurons. In layman's terms, this basically means that the brain is receiving this “feel-good” feeling over and over again. You're probably wondering why this is such
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Not only that but your heart rate would start to increase and it would be easier for one to become angry even while sober. In extreme cases Cocaine can cause a heart attack, stroke, seizures, and in some cases death.

Some of the longer term effects include loss of brain cells and uncontrollable dopamine levels, along with that it raises blood pressure and permanent damage to one’s blood vessels. If snorted the tissue in the nose will start to decay and if smoke the respiratory system has a strong chance of just shutting down. Along with that it causes reproduction issues to that fact it lowers the sperm count in males and in females it will just make them completely infertile or not healthy enough to bare a child.

In the scheme of things, Cocaine is one of the last thing you want to stick your nose into. It is a very addictive drug, and one dosage could permanently alter your life forever; with the health malities or with the fact if caught by law enforcement you could end up in jail and once you get out your job options just go to Hell. It would be in everyone’s interest and benefit for everyone to just never get a chances to take it, because as the saying goes “ Crack is
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