Cocaine Plant Research Paper

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Knowing what the cocaine plant does to your body is one thing. Understanding why it happens this way is equally important.

Whether you call it Crack, Coke, Rock, Snow, Blow, Candy, Charlie, Flake, or Toot you 'd think the drug was natural since it comes from a plant. This isn 't true. It 's actually made in a manufacturing facility.

How the Cocaine Plant is Transformed Into the Street Drug

People on the street ingest, inject, snort, and smoke cocaine. This isn 't what comes directly from the cocaine plant. Instead, it contains other substances.

Dealers add things like cornstarch, glucose, lactose, bicarbonate soda, and talcum powder to add to their supply and increase their profit. Doing so also magnifies the drug 's effects on
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You can snort cocaine since it 's a powder. Many people also rub it on their gums or dissolve it in water and shoot it directly into their bloodstream via their veins.

Crack comes from heating the leaves of the cocaine plant with ammonia or sodium bicarbonate and water. In doing so you remove the hydrochloride. What results is a very potent form of cocaine.

Users of crack cocaine heat up the resulting crack rocks and inhale their fumes. This is typically done through a glass pipe. As the vapors enter your lungs they 're quickly absorbed into your bloodstream.

Regardless of which type of cocaine you abuse, the effects are similar. They include:


Large amounts of energy, which is why people tend to talk a lot when they 're high

Great mental alertness

Hypersensitivity to sight, sound, and touch

The amount of time these effects last depends on how fast you get high. Usually, they last for 15 – 30 minutes. People who smoke crack cocaine may only feel high for about 10 minutes.

With such a short-lived high, you probably wonder why people even abuse this drug. The main reason is its great burst of energy.

Now that you understand how dealers manufacture cocaine, you can understand how people abuse the cocaine plant. This is one of the most commonly misused drugs on the streets today. If you find yourself addicted to it, make sure you seek medical help in getting clean
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