Cocaine Vs Crack Cocaine Essay

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Natural plants and resources have been used throughout history to cure diseases and alleviate pain. They have been also been manipulated to make drugs that we as humans use to enter a disoriented reality. Humans have found numerous drugs and ways to get high some more deadly than others. Every drug is different because it is composed of different ingredients. However, two drugs that are very similar but yet very different are crack cocaine and powder cocaine. These two drugs are essentially based on the same chemical composition, but one is far more dangerous than the other. In order to comprehend why crack cocaine is more dangerous than powder cocaine we must first understand the history of these drugs, and the detrimental effects they have on the human body. First we will discuss the drug benzoylmethylecgonine, better known by its street name of coke. “Cocaine is a purified extracted from the…show more content…
This is almost the same high a powder cocaine user experiences, but bigger increments of dopamine are released. The addiction of crack comes from the brain because dopamine is a type of reward system for the brain that provides the brain with pleasure. The center for substance abuse research states, “After having tried Crack Cocaine, the user will rapidly develop an intense craving for the drug since the chemistry of the brain’s reward system has been altered” (Ceaser). The human body also becomes tolerant of this drug. In most cases in life this tolerance is a good thing, but when it comes to using drugs in order to get high it can be very deadly. As the human body becomes more tolerant, it becomes tougher to get high so the user must use more of the drug to obtain the same high. This is the key reason crack cocaine is more dangerous than powder cocaine. This severe addiction added with the increasing use of the drug makes this one of the deadliest
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