Cochlear Implant Persuasive Speech

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There once was a family at war, the fight took an emotional toll and the family almost fell apart. The reason for the feud was hearing. Hearing is a huge part of most people’s lives. We as a society tend to take it for granted. Those who are born without hearing are the only people who have a true understanding of what it’s like not to hear. Thanks to the advances in the medical field, those who are deaf can experience the world of sound. The cochlear implant has been around since the mid 1950s. Now that this device has been around for years, many deaf people are now more open to the idea. The whole idea is still very controversial, and there truly is no correct answer. The deaf community wants the Deaf culture to stay strong, with implants…show more content…
Most of the world’s population can hear, meaning that deaf people are not common in most regions. Hearing is an expected thing and comes as a huge advantage. Without hearing many doors are closed and opportunities vanish. The Hearing Loss Association for America works to make deaf lives better stating “Implant recipients report significant satisfaction expressed as improvements in quality of life after receiving a cochlear implant A large number of clinical studies now document the benefits of the cochlear implant in providing speech and environmental sound recognition. To improve the quality of life is the top reason any deaf person should get a cochlear implant. Hearing is a wonderful thing, and truly experiencing sound makes any person feel better. Deaf people need jobs too, but skills are needed in the job world. Interaction and communication are huge factors in getting a job. Meaning that those who are deaf could find it harder to get a job, or to advance in the corporate ladder. This is what the cochlear implant gives to those who can’t hear. Being deaf isn’t a bad thing but it seems to have more disadvantages than

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