Cochlear Implants Video Summary

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Cochlear Implants have become a trend on social media. Videos constantly are added onto the internet of deaf people hearing for the first time. They are meant for the heartwarming and show a person overcoming a disability. One of the latest of these videos was posted on the tenth of this month. The video shows four hearing adults commenting on what is happening throughout the video. The video creates a narrative bias on the positive of cochlear implants. The video shows hearing people praising the implant, but it does not share the story of what this child will go through after the implant. The story is shown as the story being happy and conclusive, but it does not share the struggles the child will do through after having the cochlear implant. Media tends to make stories seem more conclusive than it is. The cochlear implant has a lot of negative side effects. People that have the surgery are still deaf. The implant will never change that. That causes them to never truly fit into the hearing culture. The implant does cause them to fit into the deaf community no longer. Much of the deaf culture looks at the implant as a virus killing the community. When the implant is given to children, their family does not tend to take the time to learn about the deaf culture. The videos of showing children hear for the first time…show more content…
It is through investigating different sides of the stories will you truly be aware of the biases in what you see. After years of studying cochlear implants, I notice the one-sided story that media shares. Although cochlear implants are a great invention, there are negatives that are not shown. The media does not show what happens to the children growing up after they first hear. It does not show the child not fitting into a hearing or deaf society because it does not fit the media’s agenda. Would you allow your deaf child to be able to hear even if it causes them to loose a supportive
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