Cockatiels Essay

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Cockatiel Care SecretsCockatiels are the only member of the genus Nymphicus and are widely known as a small cockatoo or a crested parrot. They are also considered as the smallest of the Cockatoo family and prefer the scrublands, bush lands and wetlands of Australia. They can also be found all over the regions of inland Australia.A cockatiel is typically gray colored in the wild. Domesticated Cockatiels on the other hand are bred to reveal diverse shades of yellow, peach, gray, orange and white. These color patterns and shades of different cockatiels are known as pied, silver, pearl, lutino and cinnamon. They can manipulate to express their mood and behavior when they’re curious, afraid and ill through their most distinct mark which is the…show more content…
Living in the wild however, makes the cockatiels life duration shorter, this is because of the dangers of living in it and because of predation. Either or, they are known to be very social and are in high spirits with the company of other birds. They usually fly in small flocks or in pairs in their resident, Australia.Cockatiels are famous to be great pets since they have this social nature in them. They are intellectual, inquisitive and sometimes naughty. A domesticated cockatiel loves being with their breeders or owners and would usually ride on their owner’s shoulders or head. Too sociable, some cockatiels would even join their owners or breeders while eating and even bathing. Only male cockatiels can talk and whistle tunes.

If you are planning to get a cockatiel as a pet, you must need to think about the amount of time that you will be spending with your pet. Most birds, when left alone tend to get lonely and bored, and if you know that you won’t have enough time to spend with your bird, having another cockatiel will be a good idea as companion to your pet. Bear in mind though that having two birds will be more difficult to domesticate and chances are, you will be most likely ignored in favor of the other bird living with
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