Cocky In The Outsiders

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The author of the book is S.E. Hinton. In the story Dallas was a tough but yet emotional. He made his appearances in “The Outsiders” he was one of the main character in the story. Some times he was heroic but other times he’s just normal. He is very cocky and has a temper, he’s a hoodlum. Dallas is some what handsome, but the reason why he doesn’t get girls is probaly cause of his cockyness his looks can’t carry though his very high level of cockyness. Dallas is caring,strong,tough,and very cocky. Also don’t forget he is very heroic. Dallas saved Ponyboy, and Johnny from the burning church which they started by a cigarette! Lets not forget he saved Ponyboy from the Socs. They were at a brawl and Ponyboy got really hurt so Dallas rushed him
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